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Paraphrasing/ Openground, Hong Kong/ group
RCA2020/ Oxo Tower Wharf, London/ group

Flipside/ JCCAC, Hong Kong/ group
Circle/ Book Punch, Hong Kong/ group
A Journey to There/ Gallery by the Harbour, Hong Kong/ solo

Hypnic Jerk/ ACO, Hong Kong/ group
Punctuation/ ACO, Hong Kong/ group
50/50/ FOLD Gallery London, London/ group
London Grads Now/ Saatchi Gallery, London/ group
Beacon: Selections from the 2020 Royal College of Art Painting Programme/ Josh Lilley Gallery/ online, group
RCA2020/ Royal College of Art/ online, group
Home Game/ Saint Maison Gallery/ online, group
Snapshot/ Royal College of Art, London/ group
Oh, Dear/ SafeHouse, London/ group

Work-in-Progress Show/ Royal College of Art, London/ group
Harvest/ Gallery by the Harbour, Hong Kong/ group

BA Graduation Exhibition/ Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong/ group
Plain Stories/ Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong/ group

DUO/ Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong/ group

Henry, Hong Ming SIU

Henry develops his imagination of an extraterrestrial world through fictional landscape. This imagination is in relation to astronomy, the quantum world, nature, and landscape. Henry’s obsession to explore the unknown, especially in outer space, has led him to continuously hunt for the imagined world.  

Henry’s recently interest lies in the uncertainty in understanding reality, the concept of dimensions, illusion and reality, the unknown, the unexplained, and briefly on the occult.



MA Painting, Royal College of Art, Hong Kong
BA in Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Shortlisted, Bloomberg New Contemporaries
Whar Art Scholarship